BatteryLogger Plus

BatteryLogger Plus

BatteryLogger Plus

Ever wondered how you're using the battery of your iOS device? Does your battery need replacement? BatteryLogger Plus will answer these and more questions by keeping track of your battery level and presenting the data to you in graphical form.

Available for all iOS devices, version 3.1.2 and up. Full iPad support!

BatteryLogger Plus features:

  • Smooth and intuitive interface.
  • Store and view a virtually unlimited number of measurements.
  • Navigate through all of your battery history by dragging, zooming in (double tap), and zooming out (two-finger tap).
  • Tap any datapoint to view additional details including charge rate, drain rate, and time spent charging the battery.
  • View statistics including the load cycles of your battery and the total amount of watts used.
  • Keep track of the exact amount of load-cycles of your new iOS device, by starting BatteryLogger Plus when you're charging your battery.

Do you have a feeling your battery starts to wear out? We all have feeling that sometimes, especially when our battery is empty during an important phone call or right in the middle of a good song. If you use this app, you can actually measure if you battery quality is degrading.

Have friends using the app? After collecting stats you can easily compare overall drain and charge rates to see how you're battery is doing.

If your iOS is jailbroken, you can use the ever handy Backgrounder app to have BatteryLogger Plus run and collect data all the time!

BatteryLogger Plus is now available from the Cydia Store!

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